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TopShield is an exclusive brand of premium residential roofing products and accessories. Created entirely with the professional contractor's needs in mind, TopShield products are always of the highest quality to ensure maximum performance and consistency. We continue to develop TopShield products with an unwavering focus on increasing our customer's productivity and profitability, while providing the highest level of product performance possible.

We understand your needs and we will help you achieve your best! Our customers are always top-of-mind; front-and-center; in everything we do. We are completely committed to your success.

We are thrilled to offer premium TopShield product solutions in many categories including underlayments, nails, roof repair products, roof coatings, caulk, matching roof spray paint, and more. Your TopShield products are continuing to grow and are only available through our national network of independent roofing distributors.


CraftGrade is a new contractor grade brand of product under the TopShield program. It’s a quality product giving our customers a 30 day exposure/20yr warrantied synthetic product at a great price.

TopShield PRO

TopShield® PRO modified bitumen membranes are manufactured on state-of-the-art, dedicated roofing lines.


TopShield's Caulk/Paint product line offers our customers new and innovative products.

Roof Coatings/Repair

TopShield's full line of Roof Coatings/Repair products are premium grade and quick drying.

Shingle Starter

TopShield's Starter Shingles are designed with strong adhesion to lock shingles in place.


TopShield's Ventilation product line offers our customers new and innovative products.

Roofing Underlayment

TopShield's Underlayment products have been created with the professional roofing contractor in mind.

Ice & Water

TopShield's Roof Underlayment Ice & Water Defender series has excellent resistance and dimensional stability.

Gutter Guard

TopShield's Gutter Guard products come in several different profiles, colors and types and are developed with a focus on customer productivity and profitabiltiy.

Siding Accessories

TopShield's Siding Accessories include everything from Shutters, Mounting Blocks, Utility Vents and Gable Vents.