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Steep-Pitched and Roof Coating Products

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SRS is proud to introduce TopShield an exclusive brand of roofing products and and accessories created with ease of installation in mind. SRS’s continued focus on increasing customer productivity, profitability, and performance has guided our quest to provide the best solutions and superior service.

We ultimately understand your needs and want to help you achieve more – our customers and front and center in everything we do – and we are committed to your success.

TopShield is now available at your local SRS Distribution branch. We are excited to offer solutions in synthetic underlayment, coil, and plastic cap nails, roof repair, roof coating, roof caulk, and aerosol roof paint.


TopShield's Caulk/Paint product line offers our customers new and innovative products.

Roof Coatings/Repair

TopShield's full line of Roof Coatings/Repair products are premium grade and quick drying.

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